Thursday, July 2, 2009


Yuuko, my anime fashion icon. SHE IS AWESOMELY PRETTY (With a little tinge of Lulubell the Noah of Lust from DGM)
From left: Sakura (From Sakura cardcaptor or Tsubasa), Yuuko (seems to be my fav anime fashion icon now, she's also my fav character in xxxHolic!)

From Right: Clow Reed (I think from Sakura Cardcaptor or Tsubasa) and Yuuko

From left: (I call him Black Dude), Sakura, Syaoran (I think those two are from Sakura Cardcaptor, or Tsubasa, cuz' they DID mention Clow Reed), (I call him White Dude)

HAHAHAHA. I think I'm crazy, for one, I'm playing Ending 1 of D. Gray Man over and over because I'm trying to learn the lyrics and also because I'm totally fawning over that song. Nirgilis (singer of Snow Kiss, Ending 1), you rock! Suddenly I think xxxHolic is a really good manga now. Not to mention it features Sakura+Syaoran! GTG, that was short.
XOXO, MaDlyBloOmingPrinces

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